Thursday, August 6, 2009

Found Poetry: A recorded testimony of drunken brotherly love transcribed for your reading pleasure.

I woke up in the middle of the night and listened to the first message for some unknown reason and, as I was mostly asleep at the time, the message integrated itself into my dreams and I had drunken, poetic conversations with Jordan all night. I did not recall this until I received the second message which allowed me to discover the first message as well as the text. The process of writing these messages down was necessary for both posterity and comprehension. If you would like a dramatic reading, feel free to give me a call.

7/26 6:00am (text)

Everythinh’r good,

nothing’s great,

things are stuff, yet all is well.

Love jordan. L & s…

Good morning butthorn.

Sometime while I was asleep on 7/27

Huurrr Ho ho ho ho ho

Here’s a uh, little message

from Jordan,

your brother


Clap clap clap

ahhh sometimes we wish

sometimes we piss

sometimes we wander

other times we Saunter

aaaaand other times we falter

and the other day I met a guy named Walter

Sometimes there’s splash

Sometimes you just go and pass

And then there are other times when we see a light

Aaaaaand there are other times when we see a fright. . . movie.

But in the end,

sometimes we just send…BAD phone call messages


Ate, sate, bate, crate, late…as always


lick, slick, tick…

The end. . ..dick

7/28 4:28am


what what what, is that soot

on my foot.

My foot, my shoe, don’t you?

Did not do those things that we did

and was done back when we had fun

now how did we… wow!

Those great crops

and give me props for not selling,

reeling those silly feelings that I was selling…

But please, don’t be a tease,

I say excuse you

when I sneeze.

Aaaaaaaaaand take cord when you snore and ignore…

myyyyy upbringing?

I see a stop sign

and I did not see Coralline

cause the movie looks like a little bit of a sloosey

and stuff

Safeway is the wrong way

I much prefer danger way.

If you remember that September or October and November

where we painted and instigated

much paintings,

many feastings…

Rooftops are great by the way,

I’m feel okay

It’s not all it’s up to beeeeeee…

and we see which is me Jorban,

Lorban, Jobs, Cobs, not Nobs


I get punched in the face in the end

so send me a message and we may uh, chrisbinosomebitch…

woops, now I’m just making up words.

were nerds,

butter turds…

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrllllllhrhghgsge sue poo you crew too

The end.

Holler back… girl.

Huh, jen, dun, du du duuu uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Boop!