Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Halden: "This is, to date the most scientifically accurate summary of the nature of our blog. For the record."

I have started an experiment with me most excellent freind, Halden. We have decided to combine our culinary skills and editorialize them on the vast series of tubes you see before you. They will reside in a magical mansion who’s front door is a perfectly smoked slab of baby back ribs. . .where taps are never for water. . .where beautiful mermaids serve you buffalo wings of mind blowing deliciousness on a platter of magic bacon cooked by a unicorn’s laser vision. The drinks are always cold (unless they are supposed to be hot, in that case they will be hot. . .but not so hot you would scald your tongue because that would just ruin the whole experience), the food is probably bad for you (but always worth it), and, depending on how much we have consumed of either of those two, the posts are interesting.

We invite you to enter into the world of two minds in perpetual synergy. Our dreams will thrust themselves upon reality, pleasuring her with our wonderful meat and most excellent alcohol. You are welcome internet.

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Anonymous said...

I want to go to there.